I’m a writer, editor, strategist, and asker of many questions.

I live near Phoenix, AZ, with my husband and three young children and spend a lot of time outside.

I founded Kindred Word Studio to serve people who invest in writing for their business’ long-term growth (need a copywriter or editor? Hire me). Currently, I’m working on my first novel.

Devin Kate Pope, a white cis-woman with long brown hair.

Third-Person Bio

Devin Kate Pope is a writer based in Tempe, AZ. She has a degree in journalism from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School and runs a copywriting studio called Kindred Word. She’s on the editorial board of The Revolution Relaunch, a radical intersectional feminist newspaper zine. Her writing has appeared in Versification, Rejection Letters, and Compound Butter. Her poem titled WEST OF SELFISH was selected for the City of Phoenix’s 7th Avenue Streetscape Project in 2018. She is at work on a novel and you can find her online (Twitter and Instagram at @devinkatepope) or in her backyard picking oranges.