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Messy cakes, perfectionism, making time, and encouraging procrastination

Originally published February 8, 2021

Hello, hello!

The dots

  1. Finding creative partners
  2. Messy cakes
  3. Perfectionism trap
  4. How much time do you have?

How do they connect?

1 & 4: Creative Partners and Time

A friend posted about wanting some accountability for their creative endeavors. So we came up with a plan: We'll check in by text on the last Tuesday of every month. My middle brother and I have been exchanging video messages as he keeps me up-to-date with his sewing projects. How are you coming up with ways to stay in touch and chip away at goals? Time feels different now, and to have the time to devote to creative projects is a gift. So when my writing feels stuck, or I ignore it for a few days, it (for me at least) feels even worse. Before that feeling spirals, I practice "productive procrastination" and work on something else. (A note: what about the term "encouraging procrastination"? Same idea, with less focus on immediate production. I find that even if my procrastination isn't that "productive," if it lifts my spirits, that gets me back to my project faster and, in a way, that increases production.) // Further reading: The trouble with being lazy via Austin Kleon

2 & 3 - Messy Cakes and Perfectionism

I went down a messy cake rabbit trail this week, and my favorite thing is how each person has their messy cake style. (And I think that's the point -- there should be no "one way" to make a messy cake.) Perfectionism wilts at the sight of a messy cake. There can be a place for trying to make something that fits your ideal, trying to get it right. But if perfectionism leads to imposter syndrome, writer's block, or some other negative outcome, I'd say make a messy cake instead. // Further reading: The Beautiful Chaos of Messy Instagram Cakes via Vice

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